Therapeutic Support

Libra has both Learning Support and Behaviour Support specialist staff who work with all our pupils. Within the school children have guidance and input from staff who are experienced in managing a range of emotional and behavioural issues. The Libra model works on the idea that improving the understanding of trauma and its impact on development allows staff to improve interactions with children by:

  • Focusing on strengthening attachments
  • Building competencies
  • Adjusting expectations depending upon children’s developmental stage and trauma history
  • Involving families in the child’s care and treatment
  • Enriching dimensions of the environment to create more therapeutic media

These interactions help children to develop more positive perceptions about themselves and their relationships and interactions with others. This also contributes to improvements in children’s social and emotional well being.

Libra staff themselves are supported by therapeutic professionals to ensure that the Libra programme of cognitive behavioural management underpins the therapeutic approach to all children enabling them to understand and take responsibility for their actions.

Any pupil experiencing a specific learning disability or behaviour management difficulty can develop the many skills needed to achieve academic, social and emotional success. This enables inclusion at a school level (with full access to the curriculum) and a healthy reconnection with family & community including progression to foster care and or mainstream schooling if appropriate.

The Libra School has successfully supported children back into mainstream education through working in partnership with all those involved and ensuring excellent communication.

Libra has a flexible care and education framework with a menu of activities and interventions that allows us to develop a bespoke and holistic therapeutic package for each child based on their individual needs. This can include:

  • Educational Psychologist assessment
  • Thrive Assessment and Programme (all pupils)
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Creative Arts Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Outdoor education
  • Forest School
  • Equine Therapy
  • Speech & Language Programme within the school or Therapy (arranged through the local authority)
  • Occupational Therapy (arranged through the local authority)
  • CAMHS – if possible Libra will try to maintain current CAMHS and specialist appointments

A constantly reviewed programme is implemented for every child to recognise and manage the impact of their behaviours and this would include a reward programme for positive behaviour within the home (if residential) and the school.

The care and well-being of the children we support are paramount and everything we do is to ensure that each child’s best interests are met.

To keep children safe there are times when the use of physical interventions may be needed. This would be as a last resort to support the child in crisis, to reduce both stress and risk. In such instances we follow BILD guidance. Staff are trained in de-escalation and safe positive handling techniques using a BILD approved course, MAPA (Managing Actual and Potential Aggression).

Libra employs a senior manager and a teacher who are qualified instructors, to deliver training and incident management. Where additional measures of physical intervention do become necessary, our procedures: are clear; fall within government guidelines; are agreed between parents and local authorities as permissible in certain circumstances to make dangerous situations safe; and are always documented in detail. On a twenty four hour daily basis Libra designates a Director “on call” to monitor activities and incidents.

The Libra School has strict policies and procedures around Positive Behaviour Management. If you would like a copy of our full policy and procedures please contact the school office at:
01598 740044