The Attachment Research Community was founded by Virtual Head Teachers because they saw a difference attachment aware approaches make for children in education.

The ARC is a membership community designed to help and support schools and settings to become more attachment aware. Children learn through relationships. The key attachment relationship between a child and a parent or carer is how the developing child makes sense of the world. Sadly, trauma and unmet attachment needs adversely affect many children in our schools. Attachment aware schools’ have put this understanding at the heart of their work and have developed creative and effective responses to meeting everyone’s core mental health and well-being needs.

ARC promotes everyone’s mental health and well-being by developing best practice and sharing learning. ARC provides a space for professionals to plan and share their learning and best practice through an online dashboard. The ARC pathway is based on the experience of 100's of schools and settings and the professionals working with them. It is designed to help schools to consider where they are now and look at what they may do next to embed attachment aware practice. Attachment aware approaches are inherently creative and responsive to each child and school’s unique need, therefore, ARC do not prescribe a one size fits all approach, however ARC does promote an aspirational commitment by schools to meet the whole community’s mental health and well-being needs through a strategic approach that has attachment at its heart.

Libra is a proud member of the ARC community and our aim is to promote their values within our school.

For more information, please visit the ARC website: