The LIBRA School - A life in Balance

Welcome to The Libra School

Our vision is to provide education and care for young people that is holistic and encompassing, that addresses each young person's individuality and which provides challenge and opportunity to empower young persons to achieve their potential, providing each one with a balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

The Libra School is dedicated to a provision of education and care to meet the needs and ambitions of those young people who are placed with us.

We seek to re-enforce resilience and promote aspirations.

Head Teacher Foreword

The aim of the Libra School is to help young people resolve their difficulties, bring harmony to their lives, stimulate ambition, help identify targets and achieve qualifications so that they are able to enter adulthood better prepared.

We are committed to inclusion. The school is dedicated to policies that support cultures and policies and procedures that include all learners. We aim to engender a sense of community and belonging, and to offer new opportunities to learners who may have experienced previous difficulties.

I head up a dedicated team of staff who endeavour to ensure that every individual student is fully supported in the way he or she needs and deliver an ethos of hard work, responsibility and regard for others.

Joan Wilkes

Head Teacher