At Libra we want our children to be

"The Libra School provides a good quality of education and meets its aims effectively. Good teaching and a good curriculum ensure that children make good progress in their learning. The range of learning experiences is interesting and broad, and children clearly like the activities, especially the practical ones. Arrangements for the personal development of children are good as seen in their good behaviour. Provision for children’ welfare, health and safety is outstanding and all safeguarding arrangements meet requirements. The school gives a very high priority to the welfare of children that ensures their readiness to learn. Day to-day safety procedures are exemplary." (Ofsted March 2012)

Welcome to the LIBRA School

The Libra School is an independent Special Needs Day School with an Ofsted rating of Good with Outstanding features. We have 15 years’ experience of the successful education and care of children who are experiencing Social, Emotional and Behavioural difficulties and who have other specific learning difficulties associated with learning delays or underachievement. These include Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ASD, ADD, ADHD, ODD, OCD, PDD and mild auditory, visual and physical disabilities.

The Libra School is registered for 22 children aged from 5 years to 18 years. We specialise in supporting highly vulnerable young children in residential placements (weekly, termly and 52 week) who have been unable to settle in Foster care or in other Residential Homes and who display very challenging behaviours. The Libra School also supports vulnerable young children on day placements who are experiencing great difficulties within mainstream as well as other specialist schools to help them bring about positive change quickly. At the Libra School children who have felt alone and alienated within their previous school settings feel a sense of belonging, security and acceptance.

 The Libra School is not a boarding school. We are able to offer outstanding residential care in high quality homes in local communities together with attendance at the Libra Independent Day School. This holistic partnership allows residential children to enjoy the benefits of consistent boundaries and routines in a homely environment whilst avoiding any feelings of being institutionalised.

The Libra School is able to offer a unique, highly specialised and therapeutic level of care and education to children who present a range of educational and behavioural challenges. We are extremely proud of the huge amount of academic progress our children at Libra are making in comparison with other EBD and mainstream schools and the very positive changes parents and carers are seeing in the social and emotional behaviours of the children after only being with Libra for a small amount of time.

Our vision is to provide education and care for children that is holistic and encompassing, that addresses each child’s individuality and which provides challenge and opportunity to empower them to achieve their potential, providing each child with a balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

The Libra School is dedicated to a provision of education and care to meet the needs and ambitions of those children who are placed with us. We seek to promote resilience and aspiration in our children and prepare them for a life beyond Libra which may involve transition to foster care, mainstream schooling, college or work.